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Learn Namaz with Tajweed through voice messages on the NamazApp mobile application.

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About NamazApp

Getting correct knowledge is a fundamental duty for all Muslims

NamazApp, as a non-profit organization, is committed to the noble objective of providing inclusive education on Namaz and Quran with Tajweed. Our overarching goal is to empower individuals of all ages and genders with the correct and comprehensive understanding of these fundamental aspects of Islamic practice. We invite everyone, regardless of background, to participate in our educational initiatives, fostering a community dedicated to learning and practicing Namaz and Quran with utmost accuracy and devotion. Join us on this journey towards enriched spiritual knowledge and meaningful engagement with these pillars of faith.

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Download the NamazApp mobile application on Android and iOS for a comprehensive experience. Enjoy features like Namaz time, Qibla direction, a dedicated section for Namaz learning, and access to the complete Quran in Arabic with Urdu translation and audio.

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Reading the Quran and offering namaz with tajweed is very important. Using NamazApp mobile application now you can learn namaz with tajweed very easily. This application will help you to pronounce the correct words in namaz. You don’t have to be online, whenever you are free just start real time interaction with a our islamic teacher on voice messages and start learning.


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